About Red Circle Tea

The picture you see above is of a road on WuYi Mountain in northwest Fujian Province, China. I took this picture while hunting for oolong tea.  Explore this website to learn about heritage teas, artisan tea pots, and the rich history of tea culture I have discovered over the last 12 years of traveling down these winding roads hunting for China's greatest teas. Today, I search for bespoke teas for private clients. No order is too small or too large. Is there a tea you've always dreamed of having? Let me seek it out for you and bring you the best of what China has to offer.

I travel through Asia, meeting with farmers and tea masters alike, on a quest to find legendary and rare teas. I source hard-to-find, hand-picked artisan teas from extremely small harvests. My passion is learning about tea by experiencing it first-hand, and I can share with you the mysteries and delights of this world.

Why "Red Circle"?   There is a circle of people that tea connects: It begins with the farmer, it continues with the tea pickers, the master who processes the tea, the tea vendor, the importer, and finally, the person who drinks and appreciates the tea. This person ultimately becomes the the guardian of these leaves.  But together, these people have all been touched by the same leaves. They are connected in a sacred circle, bound by this tea. Red is of course the color of celebration, and Red Circle Tea celebrates this honorable circle of people.  And though they live worlds apart, they each appreciate the Art of Tea.