Red Circle Tea

Are you serious?

I was mortified to learn on that the Tea Party Republicans have shut down the American government. Better still, I just spent the evening trying to explain to a friend why my country’s government is shut down. How do you explain that? Where do you start? So there’s this orange man……You can only have health insurance through your employer, well, no, children are different…." What an embarrassment! Sheesus. I’m not even sure I can describe the looks of disbelief and incredulity I got. “But that’s ridiculous” I kept hearing after each attempt to explain what’s happening. “Yes, I know, it’s, it’s, …..I don’t know.” Was all I could reply. I gave up after about an hour and went back to drinking tea and talking about this year’s bumper crop harvest. It seemed like the most optimistic topic after an abysmal discussion. Even the micro-economy of tea in China is faring better than our country.     

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