Red Circle Tea

Golden Heart, Red Heart and 1992

The next day we went back up the mountain again.

We went up to Mr Wong’s farmhouse (his ancestral home is just next door) on the tea mountain to taste and buy more tea for the popular Ti Kuan Yin Red Label Tea. On our way up, we were pleased to catch a glimpse of  the zip lines being used to send tea down the mountain.



Rather than trucking them, and faster than carrying them, they are bundled up in 20 kg bags, and clipped to a zip line and sent down hundreds of feet in just seconds. It’s amazingly clever and when time is of the essence, it is a savvy business move. It's also pretty clean energy, zero emissions here.

At his mountain house, on a beautiful hillside among traditional Fujian style houses like these,


we tasted two different teas that would be great to purchase for the Red Label Ti Kuan Yin. After a few seteepings of each, I settled on the perfect one.


We also tasted a 1993 Ti Kuan Yin Mr Wong sold to the Wing Cheun Master Ip Man. I bought 2 pounds, and will have it available on line in a few weeks. It has a similar flavor profile to the 1984 Ti Kuan Yin.

We also tasted several Big Red Robe Teas, and a Wu Yi Rou Gui that Mr Wong bought in Wu Yi when he visited there. It had notes of cinnamon oil under the tongue and was purported to be the most expensive gift grade tea he had.


We took a break while drinking tea to admire the view from his back porch.


I’ve been incredibly lucky to visit just a few short days before the Golden Heart and Red Heart Ti Kuan Yin harvest, which means I can put my order now. I’ve ordered both Golden Heart and Red Heart oolongs and asked for first pick, top grade, high mountain (Now aren’t you lucky too?). They will arrive in Guangzhou at the end of my trip just before I leave and I’ll pick them up as I’m heading to the train.


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