Red Circle Tea


I’ll just keep it simple here and let the pictures speak for themselves – this one’s for you, Ms Miller:

This is rice porridge (Jook) with pickles, peanuts, eggs,  two kinds of olives 

These are fresh hand made shrimp paste won tons

And this is shrimp won ton soup with shrimp paste balls, and lettuce

This is a potato noodle dish with cabbage and eggs and tiny shrimplets.

This is street food dinner: potato noodles, fried Lap Cheurng sausage, tofu with beans, eggs and tiny shrimps.

This is where you eat dinner:

This is what you get to choose from to make your dinner:

This is a bitter nettle-like soup with chicken broth. They still have thorns on, and I call it the Bitter Lover’s soup.

These are ricey-rolled wrapped things that are sweet. I think they have beans and chestnuts in them, alongside chestnut dumplings and Spring rolls!

Real Spring rolls! No cabbage or pork here, diced veggies and sweet crunchy chestnuts and mung beans:

This is oysters with garlic and an oyster pancake, it wasn’t presented very well, but my god, is it good with a little chili paste. (Is Taiwan’s famous oyster pancake originally from here? And up here, where do they get the oysters??)

This is a home style Shantou lunch at Mr An’s house: counter clockwise we have: Chicken Chiu Zhou style, spring rolls with mung beans, a tarot root and red bean fried patty, eggplanty-like vegetable, sticky rice rolls with corn, black sesame, or sweet potato, dumplings with chestnuts, greens with ginger, In the middle is a bowl of fishy soup with tofu.


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