Red Circle Tea

Aaand we're off!

We took the 9 am bus to Shantou- after a fast and furious trip on the Metro this morning to get to the bus stop. It was run run run for the train, then doing the Chinese Shuffle to push our way onto the train and push our way out. The bustle put San Francisco's rush hour to shame. Then there was the bus ride itself. We rode 6 hours, stopped for lunch and a bathroom break, and watched all 3 Matrix movies back to back dubbed in Mandarin. I'd forgotten how good they are. We hopped off the bus in Shantou where we're at an "interestingly decorated" hotel that was probably updated last in the early 80s. Whoever did the updating had an unfortunate penchant for orange. We met with the man who will take us up to the farm tomorrow and show us the fields, had tea with him for a bit, and went across the street to tour a gorgeous temple.

We had street food tonight - porridge, noodles, greens, two kinds of olives, pickles, lap cheurng (sweet sausage), snails, tofu, tiny baby shrimps, and eggs.  We're full! Hoh Bao!  It's an early night for us, as we'll have an early start again tomorrow and head up the mountain tomorrow at 7 am.



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