Red Circle Tea

Let the sun shine in

I arrive at the tea house and surprises abound. This is the year of the Dragon, and not unlike last year (the year of the Tiger) change is everywhere. The tea house has moved location! It's not far, just a half block away from the old tea house, which was gutted. Are they doing renovations or have they moved permanently? I haven't been able to discern. And there are new employees to meet. My teacher is still here, and the same visitors stop in for tea, my Chinese friends- I have gifts for each of them. And of course, my travel companion is here too. She is as anxious as I am to get going. She and I are making preparations to take the bus to Shantou and see the tea farms nearby. I don’t know many of the details of this trip, I’m going to make this one up as I go. I trust my instinct, my ability to taste my way to finding a good crop of tea, and I’ll rely on the good will of Providence to open the right doors at the right time. Now we just need the rains to stop and the sun to come out so the harvesting can continue. Otherwise, if the rain keeps up, there'll be nothing to pick or process, nothing to see, and no reason to go. So whatever sunshine invocations you know, or rain retreating songs or dances, now's the time to use them. The tea leaves are ready for us, we just need to meet them half way. In the mean time, tomorrow, I'll start investigating which green teas have already come in to the market and see what other jewels the abundant spring harvest has already brought.

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