Red Circle Tea

Golden Heart Ti Kuan Yin



Two new teas arrived in the mail yesterday from China. Golden Heart Ti Kuan Yin, and  Big Red Robe. Very exciting new teas and I'll detail them here separately. First, the Golden Heart. This is one of my favorite teas. This is a toasty roasted version of this tea destined for the Guangzhou market, so it's about 45 - 55% roasted. It has a beautiful color, sort of an emerald evergreen color that is incredibly uniform.  These are small leaves, and while the harvest was early, that means these were from the beginning of the harvest.




The initial aroma was of peaches and apricots, toast, orange peel and the creamy quality of marshmallow with out the cloying sweetness.  There was an intensely thick viscosity, and wei gam, or throat feel, and the top of the Gaiwan held top notes of toasted coconut and sugarcane.







The liquid was crystal clear and had a beautiful golden yellow color to match the fall colors in the neighborhood.  This is an excellent year's harvest, and well worth the wait.



Golden Heart is available for sale now here:



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