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8 Famous Dan Chong teas

There are 8 famous Dan Chong teas. They all come from Guangdong province, about 8 hours northeast of Guangzhou in Chao Zhou, near the boarder of Fujian. Of course, there are more varietals than 8, but here’s the short list of some of the best:

Mutlan – This is the tea I detailed in a previous post, with a deep honey aroma (I’ll have this one for sale). Then, there’s Milan, with a lychee quality. There’s 8 Fairies, and then Yulan which has a Magnolia fragrance (I have this one for sale too), as well as a Geurt Mo Heung, or Ginger. There’s Hun Yung Heung, or Almond  (I have this one in my private collection) and Yok Gwai, or cinnamon (sandalwoody), and lastly and most rare of all Chong Tien Heung which has such an amazingly high fragrance, that its name translates to Soaring Fragrance.  I have never seen nor smelled this tea, but hope to one day.

Dan Chong teas can be lightly or deeply roasted depending on the varietal, and the preferred kind of processing by the chow cha shi fu (tea processing master).

Some Dan Chong teas get their fragrance from the fruits and nuts that grow around them, others from the bruising process that’s part of the processing. Here’s a picture of a tea rolling machine used for TKY processing and another for Ti Kuan Yin processing. The purpose of the machine is to bruise the leaf and bring the juice to the top, then roast that leaf to evoke each tea’s distinct flavor.

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