Red Circle Tea

Rain, Rain, Tea, Rain

The rains are here, it's pouring outside.  Everything is soaking wet. Drenched.   I pad across the tile floor of my hotel lobby in my flip flops lifting my feet with each step like a 2 year old and yes, I know I look silly. Walking to the tea house, I see people on bikes with large red or blue plastic hooded ponchos, looking like tents on wheels passing by. At the tea house, it's a quiet day so we sit and watch tv during lunch and the humidity rolls over you like a breeze. At one commercial break I count 6 commercials, 5 are for ready to drink tea in a plastic bottle (RTD tea) and one for a hair re-growth formula for men.  "Modernizing tea" is big here.

Modern everything is in here. Last night I spoke with an extremely intelligent and well educated daughter of a woman who regularly visits the tea house, she is probably in hear early teens. She is interested in reforming the education process to make it less about memorization and more about creative learning.  While I think a liberal arts education was good for me,  it's evident that her English education has served her incredibly well.  We chat about every subject imaginable,  what I cook, where I live, my politics, American history, what kinds of holidays I celebrate. She's keen to share everything and so enthusiastically curious about life.

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