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Pre-Qing Ming Anxi Bai Pian

Today I also tried the Anxi  Bai Pian, literally "white pieces" tea from Anxi.  This is a newer tea that has rapidly increased in popularity and is now regularly seen on the market. This is a superlative grade and exceeded my expectations for freshness. If you've never tried fresh green tea, this is what you want to base the standard of all fresh green teas against. (Of course each tea will taste differently, but what I'm talking about is that "life" quality kind of freshness - as compared to dull, stale or just old - this tea is FRESH)  Just check out how green this tea is - a lot of that has to do with a super high chlorophyll count. As an aside, did you know that green tea is a source of vitamin c?

This teas  taste is of a tangy sweet lemon lime sweet grass flavor - it gently pulls the inside of your cheeks into a soft pucker.  I am very much looking forward to making a cold steeping of this tea and having a chilled glass of it on my porch in July. Sugarcane notes hang high on the palate and as the steepings continue - this tea gives 4 steepings - and with each steeping the color of the brew deepens and the flavor shows more depth of character. The flavor of this tea was not strong, or overwhelming, but, like the sign of a high quality tea, the flavor lingered for a good 45 minutes. Delicious!

I updated this post to re-name this tea Pre-Qing Ming Anxi Bai Cha because I received new information that this tea was indeed picked before the Qing Ming festival. How rare, and what a lucky purchase!

This tea will also be available when I return, 5/26, I'll have eight 2 oz packages for sale.

  • Kris says...

    I’ll take a package, love this tea

    On May 18, 2011

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