Red Circle Tea

Almond Blossom Dan Chong

Hun Yung Heung or Almond Dan Chong is new to me.  There are 8 kinds of Dan Chong I will detail in another post, and while I have heard of this tea I never tried it until today. I've been having a great deal of difficulty finding the words to describe the taste of this tea, and rather than describe the fragrance, I think it would be more interesting to describe the experience of this tea.

There are different kinds of beauty, that's for sure but there is another level of transcendent beauty that crosses cultures, aesthetics, time and possibly even space.  And when it comes to people, there are some people who command attention in a room; then there are others who are magnetically appealing. Even more rare is the scenario where you find yourself in a crowd, and a beautiful woman walks in. She is absolutely unique:  Beauty herself is walking in. She doesn't command attention, or even need it, but you are absolutely unable to look anywhere but in her direction, and you can't help staring.  The entire experience is both out of your control and completely blissful at the same time.  That's what drinking this tea is like: it utterly captivates you, and doesn't let your attention waver and every minute of it is pure pleasure.

From left to right, Almond, Magnolia, and Honey Dan Chong teas. I will only have 5 one ounce portions of this tea for sale. Check out these oolong teas here.

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