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Yulan Dan Chong

Today I tried one of my favorite teas: Yulan Dan Chong from Guangdong province. Yulan is a blossoming magnolia flower that grows on a spindly tall tree.  This tea has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of Guangzhou. On an easy stroll on a warm  night, slowly walking in the dark, flip flops clapping at your heels, walking down friendly streets past open doors, indoor  light spilling onto the courtyard in front, you can smell this fragrance, this cloud of soft subtle perfume that wraps you in a hug when you least expect and smelling this tea transports you to this moment in time.  This is Yulan Dan Chong. It's a moderately oxidized larger leafed Dan Chong varietal from Guangdong that can be roasted to different degrees. I've had very lightly processed greener Yulan that had a bit too much of a dandelion taste, then I've had a triple charcoal roasted Yulan with sugarcane notes that was the definition of sophistication. This one is somewhere in between.  A pleasant magnolia fragrance perfectly balanced with a lovely oolong wei gam (throat feel). This tea is gentle and intoxicating. Check out this oolong teas here.

Also, this will be the tea included in the Shanghai Collection gift set.

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