Red Circle Tea

Presidential Tea Time

Finally, at the end of my adventure, it was time to sit down with Ms Lee in her familiar top floor tea packing room.  We knocked on her door and walked in. The people processing tea thought we were lost, and shoo-ed us away. But Ms Lee came over and walked us to her desk and pulled out our chairs letting everyone know we were welcome guests. at her desk.  I have no idea how, but I am absolutely certain the desk she sits at used to belong to my second grade teacher. We are here to taste what was harvested. The first tea she makes for us was unusually bitter. A strong taste and sharp finish I was not used to. This is a different varietal she explained. After a few steepings, I leave a little bit of liquid int he cup and let the tea go cold and taste it again to check for bitterness, and there was more of it than before, not a good sign. I decided no, this is not the tea I’m looking for.  She heaved a sigh, and offered me another cup.

The next tea she offered me absolutely blew me away! The top notes of fragrance that mark only the absolutely highest quality tea were there in spades.  The depth of flavor and complexity I remembered from the tea harvest two years ago were back. How could this tea rebound so quickly after such a horrible year last year with all that snow?  She did it again!  Magic.  When was this tea harvested? I asked. This is the sum total of the first three days of picking. There is so little of it, do you see? And she pointed to a bag smaller than a loaf of bread.  Yes please, I said, this is the tea I’ll take.  This is the tea people will look for when they look for absolutely the best Dragonwell in the US and probably North America. I can only afford to buy a small quantity because of the price. Don’t worry, she said, that’s all I can sell you anyways. She began to pack my tea and after a pause she looked at me sideways and added- You have good taste, you know, you and President Hu Jin Tao.  Don’t tell anyone I told you, you’re drinking his tea.

This tea will be in VERY short supply. I will have 5  10 gram portions for sale. It will be called Presidential First Flush Pre-Qing Ming Long Jing. You can see both these teas here.

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