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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Red Circle Tea - this is the Chinese year of the Metal Rabbit, a very special year. For most if not all of you this will be a much more calm year than the past year of the Tiger. The year of the Tiger was about change change change. The year of the Rabbit will bring stability, growth and smooth sailing.

The best way to welcome the New Year is to head straight to the temple and say thanks for all you have and ask for protection. Offering gifts of fruit and tea are also good ideas. Then ask for good weather for the upcoming tea harvest. With spring blossoms here, and La Nina, the weather will be mild. What will it be like in China? Hangzhou and Suzhou and Guangzhou? Time will tell. Stay tuned for updates about our next adventure overseas.

In the near future, look for sale prices and a new tea tasting coming soon, and in March, we'll be at New Taste Marketplace in Potrero Hill too!

Gong Hay Fat Choy!


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