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Shanghai Tea Collection

Here's one of our best selling tea collections from this year's holidays - the Shanghai Tea Collection. Three intoxicating floral teas to delight you. The first tea in this set is the Milan oolong - a honey orchid oolong and the best selling of our Dan Chong oolongs. Twisted and twice charcoal roasted to bring out the top notes of fragrant orchid, juicy lichee, sweet honey and caramel base notes. This tea ages beautifully.  Then, Yulan Dan Chong (my favorite) - magnolia. The Chinese translation of Yulan is white jade orchid.  Twisted and charcoal roasted at least three times to bring out the top notes of fragrant Chinese magnolia, sugarcane, and a soft roasted flavor. Notes of Muscat linger in the brewed leaves - this is an ethereal tea.  Lastly, our famous Jasmine Pearl tea. You've probably had Jasmine pearls, or even jasmine tea, but nothing compares to the real fragrance of strictly flower-scented tea without the use of perfume or oils.  This is a sweet, bright and heady Jasmine that is unforgettable.  Check out these gift sets here.

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