Red Circle Tea

November 13th Tea Tasting

This Saturday we'll be hosting a tea tasting! With the chill in the air settling in, and the days getting shorter, we'll look at teas that bring comfort and warmth.  We'll be comparing Taiwanese dark roasted aged oolong with Chinese dark roasted oolong. We'll have our 1983 Dong Ding up against the 1984 Anxi Ti Kuan Yin.   We'll also try sweet soft Liu Bao and puerh teas.

We'll have our very popular gift sets too! The Shanghai tea collection with Milan oolong, Yulan oolong, and Jasmine Pearl green teas is delicious and sweet.  We'll have the Hong Kong tea collection with Dark Roast Ti Kuan Yin oolong, and Golden Heart Anxi oolong, and Emperor's Puzzle Wu Yi oolong. And we'll have the Rare Asian tea collection with Chrysanthemum flowers, Taiwanese red Jade #18, and 2007 Liu Bao.

The tasting will be from 11 - 2 at 442 Hearst Ave San Francisco CA 94112.  Look for the red lantern!

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