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New Gift Sets for the Holidays!

We have new gift sets for the holidays!  We'll introduce them to you one at a time.  First up is the Rare Asian Tea Collection.  This is a tea lover's collection of three rare and ultra-premium teas: sweet soft minty Organic hand rolled Taiwan Red Jade #18.  It is a high grown red tea with hearty notes of cedar, sweet juicy notes of raspberry and a cooling mint-feel in the back of the throat.  This tea can be enjoyed with milk or if brewed quickly, is sweet enough to stand on it's own. Organically farmed and processed according to the strictest standards by our friends, the Buddhist monks and nuns on Ping Xi.
The second tea is a warm honey-like Chrysanthemum King flower buds. Tribute grade chrysanthemum is excellent tea, but in Guangdong province, a more fragrant and bright yellow varietal of Chrysanthemum is preferred, it is called Chrysanthemum King. It is from a different growing area altogether, northern Hangzhou instead of Anxi's Yellow mountain. The flavor is stronger, sweeter, more intense and more honey like (as opposed to a sage-y quality from white flowers). The aroma will fill your cup and the room and leave you feeling relaxed. There is no caffeine in these flowers and they are not part the Camellia Sinensis tea plant.
And the last tea is a smooth and earthy Aged Premium Liu Bao black 2007. A classic sophisticated Liu Bao with notes of Brazil nut and dark chocolate. While this tea is not aged, it is surprisingly complete and complex. This Liu Bao is a great introductory tea for people not used to fermented teas or a lovely addition to an existing black tea collection. The set of three is 1.5 ounces of tea and is $50. Check out all three teas here.

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