Red Circle Tea

Well hello, China.

The heady smell of diesel, the sharp tang of new plastic, and the tickle in my nose from the cigarette smoke from the 5 men standing to my right also waiting for taxis greets us. Yes, we’re in China. Our luggage may not be, but that’s yet to be determined. So far, here we are with the clothes on our backs, passports and the name of a) a hotel we’ve booked and b) the number for Ms Lee of last year’s Dragonwell fame. She’s expecting us today, the day before Qing Ming Festival. This year it falls on the 5th of April. The festival of lovingly tending to the graves of ancestors, and the capitulation of the Pre-Qing Ming teas. Here, we’ll study the Dragonwell varietals from the four famous mountains and processing steps involved in making a great tea. We'll head up the mountain and see what's happening with this year's harvest.

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