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Tea Tasting and Tea Class this Saturday in Pacific Heights

cnnp-cooked-1998-8-sm1This week we ask: What makes good tea? This is the ultimate question that every tea drinker asks themselves.  The answer is one of the most debated and often the most elusive.  This Saturday we'll look at the broad brushstrokes and cover the basics of what good tea is.

First, we'll examine high grown vs. low grown tea, and how altitude plays a crucial role in cultivation, and ultimately what you taste in your cup.  Then we'll look at whole leaf vs broken leaf teas and why surface area is an important factor in brewing a good cup.  We'll also give you hints and tips for brewing a better cup with the tea you already have.  Lastly, we'll examine the role of water in making tea: why do minerals have the effect they do on tea, and what can you do at home with the water you have to give yourself an advantage at brewing a great cup of tea?

Bring your healthy curiosity about the tea you drink, we're happy to answer all your tea questions and help you discover more about tea.

We're hosting an all-day tea tasting from 10 am - 4 pm!  Of course, we'll have all our teas available (you can see all our teas at  This is a great chance to come taste teas side by side, compare greens and oolongs, and learn about whole leaf loose leaf Chinese and Taiwanese teas, and the vessels you can use to brew them in.

Cost is $15 for unlimited tea tasting and class and $25 for an unlimited all-day Puerh tasting, including our 1980's Tibetan Brick!

Address: The lovely outdoor garden at 2749 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA (parking is easy or you can get off the 22 at Vallejo and Steiner).

We'll be there from 10 am - 4 pm, and serving tea and treats! (You know what that means! Caramels, shortbread, and scones!)

We buy sustainable, artisan and rare teas directly from the farmer and bring them back fresh for you!

Sina and Carnie
Red Circle Tea

  • Hae Min Cho says...

    One of my friends went to Yunnan and was given a green Puerh cake. He was wondering how best to store it or if he needs to do anything to it to help it age well.

    On Sep 03, 2009

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