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Re-roasting our Monkey Picked Ti Kwan Yin

During our trip to China this April/May '09, we were able to find a master roaster to re-roast our 2002 Monkey picked Ti Kwan Yin. When he examined our tea for the first time, the master roaster took some tea in his hand and considered it thoughtfully. He then decided to roast it at 100 degrees C for 4 hours and then to do a follow up roasting at 110 degrees C for 2 hours.  The roaster's primary goal was to get rid of the water content in the tea. His secondary goal was to bring out more flavor from the tea. When he returned the tea to us, he gave us specific instructions to not drink the tea until the fire has resided; about four to six weeks. Luckily, it's now been 5 weeks since he roasted it!  Now is a great time to try our re-roasted Monkey Picked TKY 2002.Check it out here.

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