Red Circle Tea

Mark's question re: Qi

Mark wanted to know about Chi or "Qi" in tea. All tea has qi, but some has more qi than others. Qi is described as elevated blood circulation, whether from the caffine or from an internal body force (think chinese medicine) the increase in circulation causes heat in the body. Chinese medicinal traditions tell us that the lungs act as a cooling system for the body. Since our back is right next to our lungs, people usually feel qi in their upper back first. Qi affects individuals differently so occasionally a person might feel warmth or sweatiness in different parts of their body.  All tea has qi to different extents, and paying attention to breathing, general blood circulation and the back are great ways to begin to experience qi. Gradually, you will notice nuances in the effects on your body, realizing, with other teas, you experience a strong qi in extremeties like the head or legs or arms.  One of the most interesting qi experiences I've had was sweating between the toes.

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