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Tea tasting this weekend!

In China, the annual celebration of the ancestors has come and gone. Family headstones were lovingly tended and piled high with decoration, fruit and incense, then cleaned and restored to tranquility for another year. And the green tea harvest which arrived a surprising month early is now in full swing - Spring is here!

Red Circle tea is here to celebrate with our first tea tasting of the Spring. We'll revisit some favorite oolongs, premier a juicy new Yellow Chrysanthemum King heavy with sweet honey notes. We have 2 new black teas that are in our private collection we'd like to share, both of which are authenticated Liu Bao teas (1995 and 1998).  The first has bold high notes of pine and the second has deeper notes resembling a famous puerh guang yun gong; rich, sweet, velvety and smooth.  And of course, we'll take requests, all prepared with traditional Chinese Gaiwan or Yixing clay pot. Finally, we'll sample the last of the Ying De Red, giving you a hint of what we'll  be bringing back from our buying trip in May. We will talk about our itinerary for our upcoming travels through China, Vietnam and Taiwan and have a photo album of our last trip.

Our location will be in an outdoor garden of a private home 2749 Steiner street in Pacific Heights from 1-4 pm this Saturday 4/18.
Please google directions from your home, or catch the 22 and hop off at the corner of Broadway and Steiner.  Walk up one block and look for the A-board announcing the venue.  Bring your curiosity, a healthy thirst for great tea and a picnic blanket in case the wind picks up.

Please bring cash as we will not be able to accept credit cards. Tea tasting entry for this event only is $10 and we will have all teas available for sale, especially our green teas which are a great bargain at -50% off!!

Thank you and we look forward to hosting you!

Sina and Carnie
Red Circle Tea

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