Red Circle Tea

Why wait?

Fall is here and it's oolong season. This means from China comes a whole new crop of rich roasty toasted TKY and Wu Yi teas, and maybe a surprise or two. This year as in years past you've probably already seen many retailers and other sellers already advertising oolong and this year's fall harvest, while we've been quiet. But, behind the scenes, we've been waiting.  Why wait?  This fall was unusually warm, and the early harvests of oolong were undrinkable. Large, flavorless leaves. Prices stagnated at best or even fell, and no one was buying except brokers who had already committed to large purchases. This years best oolong is worth waiting for. That's why next month we will be hosting our tea tasting at Mina Dresden Gallery and premiering our new fall oolongs. Stay tuned for early reports and tasting notes next week, and more details about the date and time of our next event.

Sina and Carnie

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