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The long goodbye

After an extremely successful trip through China to find more of her famous teas, it was time to say goodbye to good friends and to Guangzhou.

It was a fantastic trip, again, and I felt very lucky. And now, it was time for my victory lap, and my favorite way to end any trip to China is with an indulgent night and day in Hong Kong and that's exactly what I did. 

This is on the afternoon KTT825 from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. This is the lush and fertile Pearl River Delta. Absolutely stunning. 


Hong Kong wearing her finest for a night out. 

If you read this blog you know how much I love the ferries from Hong Kong to Kowloon. This one is called Day Star, a fitting name for the ferry to carry me to HK on a bright and sunny day.

This was the view from the deck.


Some of the smaller more quaint buildings from the 40's, 50's and 60's are my favorites. 

The weather was so spectacular I took myself to The Peak for the first time in 9 years, and for the first time at sunset. This is Victoria Harbor. That's not smog, that's the gentle yellow glow of sunset.

Ok, maybe a little smog.

And the sunset on the ferry ride home to Kowloon. I don't understand who could not fall completely in love with this city?

Thank you Hong Kong. I'll be back for your French chocolate, Japanese sushi, HK milk tea, and more. Soon.  

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