Red Circle Tea

The Gift.

I have been visiting China for 10 years now, and I've had my share of scrapes and cuts and colds and even bronchitis, but I wasn't expecting this. This is not a picture of a sock. I tore my tendon walking down a 2 inch stair (I thought I was at the bottom of a flight and I wasn't and my ankle took the hit). I spent about USD $125 for just about the most comprehensive, personalized, medical care with a specialist trained in Germany who spoke fluent English , and FOURTY FIVE minutes later, with x-rays, a brace, pain medication, and I was released with the instruction to walk as little as possible, but to walk normally and keep it elevated whenever otherwise possible. Freaking amazing. No missed flights, no waiting for hours, no thousand dollar invoices. Why is it that I receive world class medical care everywhere else BUT the United States? Thank you Dr. Bau. You took care of my ankle, and you took care of a shocked girl who needed some friendly care. While it was a setback, it was also the best of all possible accidents. At the end of my trip, superb medical care, didn't require a mortgage to pay for it. All in all I was very lucky.

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