Red Circle Tea

In Good Company

For my last day in Guangzhou, I tried some amazing teas. I'll briefly describe them, and just post a lot of pictures with some descriptions of taste.

This is a 1996 7542 raw puerh cake. 

The first steeping had a wet aroma of camphor and eucalyptus. Sweet green wheatgrass with huge flavor, super sweet. Floral and lightly woody, even nutty, maybe chestnut or walnut? 

The second steeping was stronger with big taste. It was sweeter and bigger with a woody forest note, cedar boxes and a gentle yellow fruit taste. The third steeping was an even darker color with a little bitterness of black walnuts and ebony wood. A wet aroma lingered in the cup with forest notes. The fourth steeping was sweeter and perfume of fruit an flowers permeated the cup, yellow roses? 

The fifth steeping was stronger still with fruits and flowers, maybe candied lemon and lemon flowers. 

The sixth steeping was super sweet with more floral notes. The seventh steeping had lots of tea oil on the surface of the tea. This is called the "foot of the cloud", and it's the volatile oils lifting off the liquid. It is beautiful to behold. The tea was thinner now, but still held all it's sweetness and it had a perfect viscosity. Apple blossom flower aroma and balsa wood and notes of white birch finished this steeping. There were many steepings to come, but we had to set this tea aside for the day. A good tea like this can steep for 20 - 30 steepings with the right water.

It was a delicious tea and I was glad to share it with good friends, in good company.  




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