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Tasting Table part 2

The food post, part two, here we go.

This is the meal you want before hiking an 8,000 foot high mountain. Fried rice with fresh parsley, chinese sausage, sweet tarot root, tomatoes, a fried egg, and a boiled egg for your pocket for later.   

Back in Guangzhou, the farmer's market. 

The rice store in the farmer's market. 

The kitty who guards the rice. 

A huge catfish covered in sweet greens, cooking in broth. (This is so large, it feeds 8 people). 

Eggy pancake with fish roe and pork sausage. 


Green beans with spearmint. 

Mulberry leaves. Fragrant, a little fibrous, but otherwise good. 

This exquisitely light souffle like angelfood cakey thing. It was warm :) 

I also had several cups of good coffee while I was in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Of particular note was this cappuccino at Coco Espresso in Hong Kong. Out. Standing. Perfectly caramelized sugars in the beans, expert dosing and and perfectly brewed at the right temperature for the roast, resulting in the thickest, sweetest crema I've seen on coffee in a long time. Bravo Coco Espresso. 


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