Red Circle Tea

La Grande Dame

We left our heavy luggage and tea purchases at the hotel and took small back packs with as little as we could carry. We headed out on a bus for an hour to the base of the mountain, then transferred to another bus to take us to a gondola. The alternatives were a 3 hour hike, or, a 6 minute gondola ride. Since we intended to hike once we got to the top of the mountain anyways, and, I admit - I looked and it was not made in China (it was engineered in Austria for the Swiss Alps) we picked the 6 minute ride of death rather than hiking for 3 hours at 1000 meters (3000 feet). 

We came to Mt. Huangshan to hike this UNESCO world heritage site. We stayed at a hotel at the top of the mountain and hiked that afternoon for a few hours, and again the next morning for about 6 hours. Later the second day when the freezing rain came in, we left the mountain at about noon and headed back to the city.  It was pretty spectacular, but it's silly to try to describe it. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 



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