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Tai Ping Hou Kui

The next day back at Mr. Xian's tea house, we tried more teas, and I was extremely happy to try the Tai Ping Hou Kui tea.

 Tai Ping Hou Kui is pretty notorious for being forged. There is not a lot of growing area for this tea, and therefore there is actually very little of it. And it can be made with other varietals from other growing regions to produce a beautiful and sweet green tea, sold at a higher price than it deserves. But only Huangshan produces Tai Ping Hou Kui, and if you want the early harvest, you need to be in Huangshan before the Qing Ming festival. That was the tea I wanted, and I was lucky enough to find it. 

Tai Ping is a beautiful relativly modern large leaf green tea that is pressed into the shape you see above. The leaves start golden at the bottom, are light green in the middle, then the top third of the tea leaf is vibrant green with a streak of gold. 

The leaves are the size of my first finger, they're about 3.5 inches long.The three leaves you see on the right in the picture are absolutely ourstanding, and had the tea all been this size, the quality would have been exquisite and unaffordable. Additionally, it was a bumper crop this year and the farmers could not pick fast enough, so there were very few small leaves, and quite a few larger leaves because that's the way this year's harvest was. 

This tea is bright and sweet, clean and the viscosity was like silk. There will be an extremely limited quantity of this tea for sale this year, and I couldn't recommend it more highly. 


  • Elizabeth says...

    I am completely intrigued by these enormous tea leaves!

    On Apr 17, 2015

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