Red Circle Tea

Date night

Dear Singapore airlines. Wow, I didn't know things would be like this the first time, I didn't think I could fall so hard so fast and things would just feel so right. And they do. Plush is the first word that comes to mind to describe these seats, there's an adjustable neck rest to fit my petite height and a foot rest so i don't have to balance on my tip toes. You offered me a steaming hot fresh towel, a roomy window seat, a 13 inch touchscreen personal tv and you killed it with the amenities bag. I have the cutest softest pair of slippers for my feet and a complimentary tooth brush and the tiniest toothpaste to call my own. I used the restroom and i think it is the first time on any airline -ever- that I have used a restroom and walked out feeling not only not completely grossed out, but rejuvenated and refreshed. How did you do that? Your flight crew are probably the most beautiful humans I've ever seen, wearing impeccably tailored perfectly fitting suits and dresses. And here we come to the piece de resistance, Singapore, the wi-fi. You announced there will be free wi-fi access during the flight, and I almost fainted. I think you know you do what you do well, and you just do it naturally. And it rocks. I'm looking forward to our next 13 and a half hours together. 

Cathay, this is where we have that talk, you know what i mean. And Cathay, after a really good 9 year run, I'm sorry, but it's time we went our separate ways. It's me, but mostly, it's you. The price increases, the hard molded non-reclining seats, the disappearance of the amenities bag, and the worst, that awful time you treated me to the first class lounge with out upgrading my status or letting me know, just quietly letting me believe you'd welcomed me to your club, only to find out on my next flight I didn't qualify for the same lounge with no apparent reason and no apology. That cut deep, Cathay, deep. a girl just doesn't forget rejection like that. So thanks for the memories, Cathay.

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