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The Diamond Year

This is my 10 year anniversary. I've been traveling to China for 10 years now and I'm so incredibly proud of that and happy to have reached this benchmark. 

This year I'm headed up to Huangshan, Yellow Mountain in Anhui province. It's about 2 hours west of Shanghai by train, and just under 2 hours due north from Guangzhou by plane. I'm looking for Mao Feng tea and any other surprises the mountain wants to share with me this year. Currently, I'm a little intimidated by the weather conditions, it's 55 degrees and thunderstorming; yesterday they had freezing rain. That's particularly distressing because I'm going to China two weeks early this year because it's wet and warm and the harvest is expected early.  And lest we forget to also make a note to San Francisco Bay Area self: Buy socks and bring them with you this time. 

Huangshan is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It's beautiful. It's the crazy peaky, cloudy mountainous area dotted with impossibly twisty pine trees you see in scroll paintings. For years I believed these were maybe fantastical pictures from some altered dream state. But in fact, they are quite real. If you climb high enough, you rise above the cloud line and witness what is called the "Sea of Clouds" I'm looking forward to all of it ....stay tuned for pictures and updates. 
  • Lou Berkley says...

    Love the travel blog! I get to live vicariously, and learn about Tea at the same time; more please!
    Lou Berkley
    San Francisco

    On Mar 29, 2015

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