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Bon Appetit!

So there was a lot of good food on this trip. A lot. As a guest, I'm required to eat my fill, and it's my hosts job to offer me as much food as possible. Mr. Wong didn't disappoint in his ability to provide for his visitors. Here's a look at some of the classic dishes we tried in WuYiSan. 

One of the best parts about eating out was that each restaurant had a table out front with a selection of the day's vegetables, fruits, and a most spectacular selection of fresh mountain mushrooms. Big and small, red, yellow, white, brown and black. They were all delicious. There wasn't anything on this trip that I tried that I wouldn't love to eat again. 

Here is an assortment of lunch and dinner dishes. Most of these are from restaurants. I'll get to home cooked food and breakfasts in the next post. 

Bamboo with black ear mushrooms and pork. 

This is kind of like a barbecue beef with some kind of shredded goodness on top. 

I was pleased and surprised to taste sweet pumpkin with roasted garlic. 

This was enoki mushrooms and pork and celery with carrot. 

Black ear mushrooms and sweet bamboo with red peppers. 

Cauliflower with mushrooms.

Chicken soup with bamboo. 

Yellow gold potatoes with a light dash of gravy and chives. 

Eggs and bitter melon. 

English peas! Fresh and shelled, they were mixed with bacon... of all the things to eat with chopsticks, these were actually more infuriating than slippery chicken wings. The worst part about eating peas with chopsticks is that you must eat like a ten month old mastering his pincer grip with two bottom teeth slowly making his way through a plate of cheerios. One. At. A. Time. 

Kind of like spare-ribs, this spicy beef with daikon radish was rich and left my lips tingling. 


Thin stalks of baby celery and "Cat's claw" mushrooms. 

Sweet rice noodles and pork and cilantro soup. 

These were like mini-hamburgers, with sliced pork, celery and long slivers of chives stir fried. Assembly of this tiny sandwich happens in your rice bowl. 

Delicious greens with a bit of spice. 

These were crazy good. Fried bamboo and rice colored with a mushroom that turns red when cooked. It's cooked until glutinous, then fried. It had the texture of thick-cut crispy pork rinds. It was delicious.  

Dao miu - sweet pea greens. 

Bitter melon with chilies. 

More to come in Part 2! 

  • Sina says...

    The kind and quantity of mushrooms was a delight, and the pumpkin was a total surprise. Everything was delicious!

    On May 12, 2014

  • Heather says...

    Wow. What amazing dishes and unusual. Was there anything that really surprised you this trip?

    On May 09, 2014

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