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After about 12 hours of attempting to connect to wi fi on my age-old netbook PC and failing, I am finally able to access my blog on my phone. Which means I am writing this post with my thumbs. So forgive any spelling errors or lack of waxing prose because I'm working in 7pt. Font. With my thumbs.

I arrived at HKIA at precisely 6:06 am. Cathay Pacific really does make up for all the agony of a 14 hour commercial flight, even in coach: unlimited tea, snacks, blankets, socks, eye masks, a little yoga, and Mary Poppins as their featured movie and my favorite: a world class smooth landing. Thank you for keeping it classy Cathay Pacific.

When I said in my last post that I would take it slowly on my trip I wasn't expecting an hour and a half wait at the Shenzhen station for my connecting coach to Guangzhou. But it was indeed a long wait and it turns out there's a trade show in town and there weren't enough buses to accommodate the crowds.

On the road now and there are BMWs, audits Cadillacs, Porches, Volvos, and even Volkswagons are on the road withus today. In the 6 months I've been gone there are little changes to notice, and bigger ones afoot. There are at least 2 new construction sites at the HK airport- new terminals? And there are more airlines actively flying in and out of Hong Kong than ever before. And the signs of a healthy and growing middle class actively stimulating this economy are everywhere. It's a welcome sight and a reminder of what a healthy economy used to look like in the US.


  • Klaus Engelhardt says...

    Interesting comment at the end. Did you type it with your left thumb?

    On Apr 22, 2014

  • Klaus Engelhardt says...

    Well done for a thumb-written piece, with an interesting sociopolitical comment at the end, probably typed with your left thumb.

    On Apr 21, 2014

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