Red Circle Tea


I have that 80's Swedish rock band Europe's song "The Final Countdown" stuck in a loop in my head along with a vague memory of a music video with a lot of hair....

I'm headed back to China for the spring tea buying trip. I've heard mixed reviews of the pre-Qing Ming teas, it's been both sunny and rainy and from fresh reports from Hangzhou, I've also learned it's possible post Qing-Ming harvests might actually be tastier (if less fragrant) than earlier harvests. Because of intermittent rain, the harvest has been limited too, possibly driving prices up over their natural annual increases. 

This year I'll head out to Wu Yi Mountain with my Ti Kuan Yin oolong supplier Mr. Wong as my guide. There will be more of us traveling as a group than ever before. 

I'm excited to see the third and final growing region of Oolong tea in China, after visiting Ti Kuan Yin growing areas and Dan Chong teas too. 

Of course there will be blog posts about culture, travel, tea, and food to look forward to. There are connections to make, and friends to revisit. 

In Chinese, you don't say Good Bye, Safe Travels or Bon Voyage (or have a good trip) but you say Man man Hang - or, "慢慢行"  walk slowly/peacefully. In my rush to pack, clean and prepare for my trip, I'll try to remember to walk slowly. 


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