About Us

Red Circle Tea is owned by Sina (me) and I live in Oakland, California. I've been studying tea and travelling the back roads of China's tea country for 10 years.  My teacher is a 4th generation tea master who lives in China. 

I personally travel to China twice a year to source fresh, seasonal, sustainable, hand processed small batches of tea. Not all teas are created equal, that’s why I source the highest grades of teas that cannot be found on the mainstream market.

I work directly with Chinese farmers and encourage them to bring back heritage varietals of tea that are being lost to more commercially produced teas. Most of these teas you see here are bought ON the farm. I am changing the way Chinese tea farmers see the international tea market by helping them learn that consumers in the US really care how their tea is grown, how it is harvested and processed. I tell them that for tea drinkers, the art of making great tea still matters. They appreciate my love of great teas, and they share with me the best of what they have. 

And I am changing what we in the US think of as "tea". The truth is that tea is seasonal, a fresh food product, and when you buy from Red Circle, you are buying superior grades of tea; that's why you'll always see the harvest year next to the tea. 

Red Circle also sells Antique and Treasured teas. These are teas that are meant to be 5, 10, or 30 years old and, like fine Scotch or Whiskey, they mellow and experience gentle changes of character over time. Antique teas are valuable collectors’ teas that taste so good, even a novice tea drinker can easily appreciate their quality.

And most importantly, you'll love drinking my teas. You don’t have to be a master tea brewer to make great tea, or study tea for years. When you buy tea this good, it practically makes itself! After all, wouldn’t you want to taste what a master tea grower drinks for breakfast? Now you can. Happy shopping.

Email me: sina@redcircletea.com