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    This post is the follow up to the previous post about Ti Kuan Yin and Fatty Pork. This is the Fatty pork part of that post. In addition to being a world class tea farmer, Mr Wong has a penchant for fatty pork. He’s also just as fastidious about his pork as he is about his tea. His pigs are some of the happiest, cleanest and tastiest pigs in China. And if you’re lucky, you’ll taste some.  

    Here are several day’s worth of meals. Ms. Miller, Grab yourself a glass of something nice and settle in for some food porn. Here we go:

    Some versions of breakfast include jook, or rice porridge with a variety of meats and peanuts as a garnish. It's about 95 cents.

    Accompanying jook is sometimes a noodle dish like this with a beef gravy sauce that is delicious. It's about 45 cents.


    Or sometimes it's Cheurng Fun, one of my favorite breakfasts ever. It's basically a denver omlette chinese style. It's a rice "omlette" or crepe with fillings. Mine has pork, mushrooms, chopped greens and an egg on top. at $1.12 it's Brilliant!

    This is a lovely noodle bento lunch with rice noodles, pork, eggs, greens.


    This is one of my favorite lunches. Lunch dishes and dinner are generally inter-changable, lunch being usually a more simple version of the same dish.: A tomato dish with fried eggs. Pepper spare ribs, ground pork and chopped green beans, and greens on the side. Simple and perfect with rice.


    A juicy crunchy daikon dish.

    Potatoes and ground pork

    Sweet and spicy peppers and bacon

    Juicy greens!

    This is a soup with daikon radish in a soft broth that tastes like cream. It has black peppered fish in it.

    Fresh harvested bamboo and pork soup. Mountain grown everything in Anxi- divine!

    Fried rice with greens and bacon.

    Same idea just with noodles.

    This was interesting, it was rice and blood and diced intestine in a larger casing. It needed spice though, and maybe some salt. It was a bit bland.

    This was a delicious dish with tiny fishes, tiny shrimps and clams and chopped greens.

    This is a really yummy lotus root dish with peas and buttery gingko nuts.

    Oh-my-god-ribs. They were every bit as good as they look.

    This is a classic pork and melon dish.Sweet and tangy.

    Potato starch like tarot with bacon bits.

    This was delicious crab and chicken in a hot pot with a magic sauce. I don't know what was in it, but it was heavenly.

    Steamed eggs, the texture is like Portugese custard. silky soft and gently sweet. just a touch of soy sauce on top. This is harder to make than you think.

    These are where these delicious foods come from. The noodle store:

    The tofu store (on the back of a bicycle, this is made fresh and sold daily)

    Savory melon for soups growing in the garden

    Bamboo shoot! That's incredible! This was fresh mountain grown and given to us as a gift when we left Anxi. Exquisite fresh taste and texture. It's also enormous.

    The chicken and the egg.

    This is Juju the pig. He is delicious.



    These are happy ducks just hanging out after breakfast.


    And for desert: Moon cakes. Yes, again.

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      Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Please let us know when the new teas are available to purchase!

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