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  • Morning Constitution

    Let's take a minute to ask ourselves: Where has the morning constitution in American culture gone?

    In China it's alive and well. Part of what I love about this adventure and the part that makes me feel like I'm really on vacation is my morning walk. I head to the park to do a loop of the park, maybe just under a mile. This is what I see: Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Uncles and Aunties, Great Grandmothers and a few Great Grandfathers and a handful of ridiculously adorable babies.


    All happy, all doing exercise and loving it. We've got ping pong or tennis to choose from, Tai Chi, of course, and all kinds of dancing, from tango to waltzing to whatever-works-for you dancing.

    There is fan dancing and sword style tai chi, and everywhere people are taking a minute to massage their kidneys and gently use a soft fist to massage all kinds of pulse points around the body. There's quite a bit of spitting too, getting rid of phlegm (as well as burping) are socially acceptable because they are directly related to better health. A few people are jogging, none of them wearing jogging gear, you don't need that, just a t-shirt and shorts and any shoes will do.

    This is health care. This is a good life. This is healthy living, people socializing and exercising lightly and taking time to take care of themselves. I look at this and see an incredibly wealthy society because these people in the park today have got it down. You can have the adventure of a lifetime or stay at home all day, you can be a bazillionaire or not, but staying healthy, like this, for free, in a park on a lovely Thursday morning is where it's at.

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    • Heather says...

      I love this life style! How can we successfully adopt it?!

      On October 18, 2013

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